November 2, 2015

8/7c - QUCKIE: When a seventeen-year-old is found strangled and beaten to death in an alley, her ex-boyfriend (Brady Corbet) leads the cops to a website that she used to meet up with random men. Detective Benson decides to create a user account for the site and finds a womanizer (Brian Geraghty) who met with the victim and had sex with her without a condom. The case is closed when a different suspect is proven guilty of the murder but a new one opens when the rape kit tests positive for HIV.

9/8c - SHADOW: When a wealthy couple is found murdered in their bedroom, Benson and Stabler decide to speak to the deceased couple's daughter Anne (Sarah Paulson). After hearing her story of a strange man who has been following her, the detectives soon discover that the supposed stalker is Detective Ash Ramsey (Naveen Andrews) of the Special Frauds division. Convinced that Anne killed her parents for their money, Ramsey becomes suspicious of Anne's business manager (Dennis Boutsikaris) and is led to believe that he helped her steal money from the foundation she runs. With little evidence to go on, the detectives are able to buy some time by blackmailing the foundation's leader (Edward Hibbert) into pressing charges against Anne for embezzlement. Even though hitmen have been sent after them, Benson and Ramsey go out into the open as part of a dangerous sting operation.

October 26, 2015

8/7 - PERVERTED: A member of a dangerous biker gang is killed and Benson is the prime suspect.

9/8c - ANCHOR: Fin investigates a serial killer whose M.O. is murdering the children of immigrants.

October 19, 2015

8/7 - USERS: When a young girl is murdered, the detectives blame a controlling therapist who thrives on his patients' dependence. The case takes an unexpected turn.

9/8c - TURMOIL: One of Detective Stabler's most trying cases is pushed to the back burner when his son becomes involved in an intervention gone awry.

October 12, 2015

8/7c - HARDWIRED: Benson and Stabler learn a young boy is being molested by his stepfather, which leads to a disturbing case of adult-child relationships.

9/8c - SPOOKED: The FBI gets involved in a murder case when it becomes too dangerous for the SVU cops.

October 5, 2015

8/7c - SOLITARY: A young girl's deceit almost causes Stabler's death and pushes the courts to take a look at the cruel and unusual punishment of solitary confinement.

9/8c - HAMMERED: A man awakes to a murderous crime scene and has no recollection of the events that occurred the night before, even though he is the prime suspect.

September 28, 2015

8/7c - UNSTABLE: Benson and Stabler are forced to work with a brutish cop, Nate Kendall, after an unstable rape victim bonds with him. During an intense investigation, new evidence emerges and Stabler realizes he may have convicted the wrong man for rape almost ten years.

9/8c - SUGAR: Benson and Stabler investigate the murder of an Internet prostitute, Emily Keefe, after her body was found folded in a suitcase in a Grand Central train.